The Slow Vinegar Company

    The Slow Vinegar Company


      This vinegar will pep up your pies and crumbles: add to the stewing fruit for a flavour burst, it will bring out the natural sweetness. Apple and pork are a classic combination so use this vinegar to deglaze your pan and add some stock for a delicious sauce.

      "We believe that great quality food is an important part of everyday for everyone. Through our interest and knowledge of fermentation we developed a range of wine vinegars to help meet this ideal.

      Humble ingredients transformed into great tasting vinegars.

      We make small batches from scratch, taking roots, fruits, berries and blossoms through multiple stages of fermentation and ageing to create complex tasting vinegars with great depth of flavour. 

      All our vinegars are live, contain the mother and are full of natural goodness."